Clinical Results

Know the clinical cases of Plasmaction Vet


Tyson had deep ulcers of unknown origin on the front leg pads that caused pain and inflammation. These lesions had remained open for three years and were completely healed with  


Lucky was referred to SKINPET with a chronic ulcerative lesion on his left front leg, a negative Leishmania test and a ineffective corticosteroid-based treatment.

After another diagnostic test of Leishmaniasis in SKINPET, which was positive, the pharmacological treatment was withdrawn and a continued treatment with  achieved the complete healing of the wound.



Takk is an 8-year-old mastiff suffering from an congenital injury on his left hind leg. He had been treated previously with therapeutic laser without succesful progress.

Treatment with    has given excellent results, greatly improving his quality of life and reducing the pain he suffered while walking.


Minina suffered an open hip trauma with tissue loss, and needed surgery.

  was used as a non-necrotic coagulant and disinfectant during surgery and subsequently to accelerate cicatrization and tissue regeneration. The results were excellent and Minina was able to walk only three days after surgery.


Carles was diagnosed with idiopathic ulcerative dermatitis, and after being treated three times a week with   the lesion showed evident clinical improvement

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