Wounds and Chronic Ulcers

 Wounds and Chronic Ulcers

Wound treatment with PlasmAction Vet:


– Reduction of bacterial load


– Enhancement of the action, proliferation and migration of wound healing related cells.


– Angiogenesis promotion, increasing local microcirculation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients.


All of the above leads to better wound healing, also making PlasmAction Vet a great tool for the treatment of dermatological conditions of inflammatory or autoimmune origin such as psoriasis, allergic and atopic dermatitis .

Sequence of pictures taken during the treatment of a chronic leg injury of a seven-year-old male. The wound had remained open without healing for three years. Total healing of the wound was achieved in 34 days of treatment with three weeklysessions with PlasmAction Vet.



The antibacterial, antiviral, acaricidal, antiprotozoal and antifungal effects of Cold Atmospheric Plasma has been demonstrated in multiple studies .


PlasmAction Vet allows to treat bacterial and fungal skin diseases, such as folliculitis, impetigo, acne, onychomycosis and ringworm, as well as cutaneous leishmaniasis.


At IONBIOTEC we developed PlasmAction Vet to be a key tool for the treatment of
dermatological infections. It is especially effective in infected, chronic or acute wounds, which have shown resistance to conventional antibiotic treatments, as well as for the treatment of multiple other skin conditions.

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