PlasmAction Vet advantages

It is a physical-chemical medium

that does not generate known resistance in the
microorganisms to be treated

Temperature below 40ºC

PlasmAction Vet works at low temperature and can be applied to living tissue without risk of thermal damage.

Waste free

PlasmAction Vet only uses electrical energy and the air we breathe. It is environmentally responsible as it does not produce any waste.

It can be used on tumor cells

PlasmAction Vet promotes tumor cell apoptosis

Not mutagenic

PlasmAction Vet does not produce irreversible mutations in the DNA of healthy cells.

It does not produce allergies

PlasmAction Vet is not allergenic and it is especially suitable in cases of patients with allergies to antibiotics or other conventional treatments.

Good tolerance

PlasmAction Vet is painless, so it is very well tolerated by patients.

Total biocompatibility

PlasmAction Vet does not damage healthy cells, its use in living tissues is completely safe.

Uses atmospheric air

PlasmAction Vet does not need an external supply of bottled gas, and its concentration of reactive oxygen and nitrogen species is the highest in the market.

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